Blacksoul Seraphim - Hymns For The Vanquished

by Blacksoul Seraphim

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The full length 2015 release from Blacksoul Seraphim. Available on CDBaby on March 8th, 2015.

Blacksoul Seraphim are:
Joshua Carrig (also known as Morte McAdaver)
Rick Lowell
Terese Estes

Lyrics and all clean vocals written and performed by Joshua Carrig.

Harsh vocals performed by Rick Lowell.

Drums written and performed by Rick Lowell

All guitars written and performed by Joshua Carrig, except for lead guitars in Infernal Harrowing, written and performed by Nicole Hamidi.

Viola parts written and performed by Terese Estes.

Violin parts written and performed by Nicole Hamidi of Vi.

All album and song artwork by Rebecca Meyer. Artwork editing for cover art by Benjamin Jon


released March 8, 2015

Joshua Carrig would like to thank: my mother, my wives (Allie Frost and Lynn Moynahan), Rebecca Meyer, Lilith Astaroth, Scott Waldie, Nicole Hamidi and Vi, Midna Cruelties, Holly Abair, Rick Chandler and the Boston Film Family, Thomas Cyranowski, Brian Aldred, Carolynne Johnson and Midnightskye Creations, Martina White, Pete Gelles, Josh Moran and Vacant Eyes, Luis Correa, Ian and Stephanie Mulligan, Jake Bell, Constantina Loukissas, Hillarie Jason, Christopher Plain, Tanya Botelho, Chris Adamcek, Clay Neely, everyone at Stillborn Twins, Vaatividya, Matt Smith and Faces of Bayon, and all you brave, wonderful, and divinely talented musicians who have worked with me.

And to Jessica Walters, wherever you are. You will always have my love.

Rick Lowell would like to thank: Rick Lowell would like to thank Benjamin Jon, Rob Broderick, Shadow Khayoss, Pete Gelles, Lilith Astaroth, Ingram Blakelock for his exceptional animation skills, all the dudes in Dethlehem for being the coolest guys in music, Jeff & Sarah Teets and Kalin Schweizerhof of MindMaze, Cole Jacobsen, Stephen Brannen, Michael Arcane, Lynn Moynahan for the coffee and (glorious) pad thai, Clay Neely for giving me something to try and top with his performance on the first album, Zodijackyl of Encyclopaedia Metallum, Ian Macdonald of Sick Drummer Magazine, Chris Adamcek, Robert Pollard, Nicole Hamidi, Eric Pellegrini, all the cats from Providence, Rhode Island, Ron Celentano, and Thomas Cyranowski.

Terese Estes would like to thank: Terese Estes would like to thank: Joshua Carrig for his love and belief in me, Russ Nadeau for touching my heart, Jason Morales and Monika Clouse Morales for their friendship, Andrew Ritter for being there for the last decade, Neal Litherland for his writings and also for believing in me, Cyndal Mateja for her positive view and friendship, Robert Fritz for being my creative mentor, Regina Guge Kazda for inspiring me to do music, Melissa Gregory Simon for her teachings, and Sofia Leon Guge for all those expensive viola lessons.



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