1. Underground Rising Volume III

  2. Convenient Suicide - The Soundtrack Of My Psychosis
    Convenient Suicide

  3. Introverted - Cold Season Of Melancholia

  4. Stollo - The Decay Of Euphoria

  5. I Satans Navn / Nekro Warfare - I Pakt Med Satan
    I Satans Navn / Nekro Warfare

  6. Keith Doom And The Wrecking Crew - Potholes EP
    Keith Doom And The Wrecking Crew

  7. Worros - Within Deep Pain

  8. I Satans Navn - Ancient Chants
    I Satans Navn

  9. Pagan Spirits - Memorias de un Pasado Olvidado
    Pagan Spirits

  10. Lurid Reign - A Union In Blood
    Lurid Reign

  11. Eternal Rest - Eternal Rest
    Eternal Rest

  12. Nekro Warfare - Unholy Mass
    Nekro Warfare

  13. Cernunnous

  14. Dehumanized Deity - Project Genocide
    Dehumanized Deity

  15. Lurid Reign - The Tattered Flag Of Triumph
    Lurid Reign

  16. Blacksoul Seraphim - Hymns For The Vanquished
    Blacksoul Seraphim

  17. Nowhere - Dulce

  18. Korpifjellet - Land Of The Midnight Sun

  19. Keeper Of The Gloom - Pure Fucking Misanthropy(Compilation)
    Keeper Of The Gloom

  20. Lurid Reign / Impaled Martyr - The Final Solution to the Human Question(Split Album)
    Lurid Reign / Impaled Martyr

  21. Convenient Suicide - Just Do It
    Convenient Suicide

  22. Haunt - Solar Forest

  23. Encroaching Darkness - Encroaching Darkness
    Encroaching Darkness

  24. Lurid Reign - An Ode To The Night And Cold...
    Lurid Reign

  25. Dehumanized Deity - Forever In Blood
    Dehumanized Deity

  26. Formulus - Lessons Learned In Blood Are Not Soon Forgotten

  27. All Hell Breaks Loose: Tribute To The Misfits

  28. Underground Rising Vol. II
    Various Artists

  29. Underground Rising Vol. I Compilation


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